Inspire the Girls – KNYO at Moi Girls Eldoret

Inspire the Girls – KNYO at Moi Girls Eldoret

On the 25th and 26th of May; Nasike Esther, Isadore Tracy, Wanjiru Claire, Musiva Alphine, Senelwa Pauline, Nasianta Annette and Ndaisi Juliet – young members of KNYO who happen to be Moi Girls’ alumni, together with two senior members of KNYO, Kezia Ntwigah and Nduta Mugo, were part of a magical musical weekend at Moi Girls Eldoret – the message they hoped to spread: Hope, Determination and Discipline.

This workshop was an initiative set up by our conductor, Mr. Levi Wataka. He wanted to help the girls improve their musicianship and believe that it is not only possible to succeed in their musical lives, but also academically. Being one of the very few musical centres in the North-Rift region, this would set a good base for the growth of classical music in the rest of the country.

On the 25th the girls started working on a repertoire comprehensive enough for a student instrumentalist under tutelage of our junior members in various sections and got to meet two of our senior members, Kezia Ntwigah and Nduta Mugo, during the final tutti session who guided them through particularly hard passages and helped them sound better as an orchestra .

On the 26th they got to hear about ‘Life as a musician in the outside world’. Here they were told about what it takes to get you to that level of virtuosity, how to ensure there’s a fine balance between career and music and how to ensure success in both fields. The day ended with a concert to the students of Moi Girls’. As we left the school there was satisfaction in us knowing that we had managed to instil the seed of growth in music in a young girls’ heart.

The National Youth Orchestra of Kenya (KNYO) is an orchestra that seeks to build not only world class musicians but leaders who will leave a positive impact in all the communities they cross paths with.

Written by Paula Senelwa


Kezia Ntwigah and Nduta Mugo lead the girls in discussion
KNYO young members before they left for Moi Girls Eldoret
The Moi Girls Eldoret Orchestra