Nairobi Orchestra calls on Ghetto Classics members

Nairobi Orchestra calls on Ghetto Classics members

December 8th 2018 is a day that Lameck, Cornell and Teddy and unlikely to forget, its the day they were playing with the Nairobi Orchestra.

The Nairobi Orchestra is one of the oldest amateur orchestras in Africa working on a not-for-profit basis. It was founded in 1947 by Italian Prisoners of War (POW) after World War II. There was a short break in playing during the 1950s before the orchestra restarted in the 1960s. Since then the Orchestra has performed every year playing three orchestral concerts a year where possible and a few more in collaboration with other groups if required. The Orchestra was primarily made up of foreigners but in the last few years the number of local home grown talents has increased. 

For this last concert 3 members of Ghetto Classics were chosen to perform showcasing the high levels of musicianship we instil in our players. Here is their experience:

Teddy Otieno
I have always dreamt of joining Nairobi orchestra since the day I learnt to study and read music through the Ghetto Classics and my dreams have partially come true. This was my second time to play with a professional orchestra. I had played with the NFM orchestra in Poland and I had a great experience but I had more fun with Nairobi orchestra. The music for the tuba was not that difficult but it had many rest I had to concentrate so much but I hope in future I will join the orchestra. Thank you very much Ghetto Classics.


Lamech Ochieng
I take this opportunity to thank all who took part in ensuring that I take part in Nairobi orchestra’s concert that was presented on Sunday at All saints cathedral. I really had a great experience playing with best orchestra in Kenya. Although the music was too hard especially for the violin, I worked hard to my level best to match the professional violinist in the orchestra. I hope again to play with the orchestra.


Cornel Odhiambo
Thank you Ghetto classics for giving me opportunity to play with Nairobi orchestra. It was amazing to play with professional musicians. It was a great experience to play with the orchestra although I had challenges on the first day because I had a trombone solo so I had to practice to reach the goals of the music and mine also. I also challenged myself and now I know where l am as a trombonist. In the end the solo sounded good during the concert.