Ghetto Classics take part at the Brave Kids Festival

Ghetto Classics take part at the Brave Kids Festival

Five kids from our Ghetto Classics Mukuru programme are taking part in the Brave Kids Festival in Poland

The Brave Kids mission is to bring together children from all over the world in an atmosphere of friendship and respect for each other’s cultures. We do so by joining together children in artistic experiences aimed to inspire them to imagine a better future for themselves and their communities, and provide them with tools to help realize their aspirations.

Brave Kids also aims to nurture cross-cultural understanding amongst the next generation by connecting young people from different countries and backgrounds through shared creative projects. By providing a platform for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, and teachers, mentors and activists who champion their rights, Brave Kids also hopes to stimulate debate and positive change to help address the inequalities facing children around the world.

Under the guidance of the project facilitators, the young participants are also supported to teach and lead each other, encouraging them to exchange ideas, skills and approaches. The Brave Kids provides creative process with the young participants giving the opportunity to express themselves and their culture. Participants are supported to discover their own unique potential and value, which raises their confidence and aspirations.

By collaborating with other young people from diverse backgrounds around a performance project, the participants develop the ability to communicate, learn to understand difference and to celebrate common experience. This valuable and exciting artistic process nurtures the emotional and social development of its young participants, helping them to make positive steps towards transformation in their own lives and in their communities in the long-term.