‘Dance is Music made visible’ – George Balanchine

Last week, Ghetto Classics Dance concluded its second dance intensive workshop in Korogocho, at the St John’s Community Center. Operating since early 2019, the program is structured to provide a training track that will result in its alumni becoming professional, employable dancers.

During the Summer vacation, the students trained for several hours a day. In addition to their regular classes in ballet, hip hop and traditional dance, they rehearsed two choreographies set on them, which will be further developed during the year. There has been a very visible progress among the pupils: they have advanced their technical abilities, furthered their knowledge of dance vocabulary, gained more profound understanding of their bodies. Above this, what was very striking is how their identities developed, thus proving the importance of an educational system that champions individual approach. The GC Dance students take leadership, aren’t afraid to question, correct each other, speak up. They are becoming conscious ambassadors of the art of dance.

On August 20th, GC Dance was honoured to present excerpts of their work to the First Lady of Kenya, Margaret Kenyatta. In the space of the studio, within a hand reach of the First Lady, they performed at their absolute best – with focus, musicality, technique and dignity. It was a meaningful day on many levels, as the members of GC Dance felt embraced by the GC family, and officially home at the Community Center – this feeling of belonging is thanks to the huge heart of Elizabeth Njoroge, CEO of Art of Music Foundation.

The following week, a shipment of new dance attires, donated generously by Danny’s Dancer Warehouse in Los Angeles, USA, has reached Korogocho. It has allowed each student to have their own training uniforms, just like any dancer in the world does.

The work of GC Dance has been recognised by the Squire’s Ballettstudio in Kiel, Germany, who’s founder – Ms Lucy Squire- offered both artistic support and a generous donation that will enable the continuation of dance classes in Korogocho through 2019.

It only inspires us to work harder and be our best selves while serving the community through the arts. As we move forward, Ghetto Classics Dance is honoured to take upon themselves making music visible, starting with the one created by the musicians of Ghetto Classics.