The Art of Music Foundation aims to use classical music to inspire hope and help underprivileged children in Eastern Africa achieve lasting change in their lives.

To use art music to inspire every child and young adult to realize their dreams and transform societies.

The Art of Music Foundation believes in:

  • Inclusiveness: We are open to anyone with an interest for art music who wishes to grow his or her skills
  • Excellence: We set and maintain the highest standard of art music
  • Discipline: We only work with those willing to accept a high standard of personal discipline
  • Integrity: We, from the outset, maintain clear and consistent criteria for joining and progressing with us
  • Enjoyment: We, while respecting the structures and disciplines of art music, never forget to enjoy music and have fun
  • Impact: We continuously strive to positively impact and transform lives through art music

Children and young adults, through art music, have become productive members of society and agents of change.

Our core focus is built around 2 Programmes;

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