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In 2019 one of the new programmes that we have introduced is DANCE. The Ghetto Classics Dance program is structured to equip its students with technical and artistic abilities that meet international dance standards. By doing this, the dancers will be a priceless addition to the Kenyan dance scene and the dance industry worldwide. We care to assist them in becoming ambassadors for the arts and to share the power of performing arts with the community.

 Classes are taught in:

  • Classical Ballet
  • Contemporary Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • African Dance

Additional subjects taught:

  • Dance history (African Dance, Ballet, Hip Hop)
  • Nutrition – taught by Michelle Pesce from HelloPalate, New York City
  • Basic Anatomy

Ghetto Classics invest heavily in exposing our children to experiences they might not otherwise have. Some of the activities have included:

Trip to Karura Forest 

Safari at the Nairobi National Park :

Planting of herbs :





Solar lamps – theory and distribution :


Joanna Priwieziencew

Alumni of the State Ballet School in Warsaw, Joanna performed with dance companies and theatres in Spain, Italy, Germany, New York, California, Egypt, Ireland. She teaches workshops and master classes in New York City, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Berlin, Israel.

Co-creator of several productions, among others: concerts at the Solidarity of Arts Festival at the European Solidarity Center, first full-length ballet performance by Nairobi Philharmonic Orchestra.



Raymond Ochieng

Kenyan dancer, choreographer and teacher. He performed in productions in Kenya, Tanzania, Norway, Holland, the UK and Israel. Laureate of dance competitions in hip hop, contemporary and street dance in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda. Choreographer for Dance Centre Kenya.  

Martha Aluoch

Instructor of traditional African dance, dancer and violinist. Born and raised in Korogocho, she has been working with Ghetto Classics since 2015 as a violin teacher, and in August 2018 she started teaching in the dance programme.


December 2020 community performance at St. John’s, Korogocho’


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